Mass download commences on June 14th 2010

"There's nothing that can't be done If we raise our voice as one"

Monday, 14 June 2010

Have Michael Jackson fans had enough?

Have Michael Jackson's fans had enough?
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CNN producer note

iReport — As millions of Michael Jackson fans anxiously await Dr Conrad Murray's return to court today, some of them are finding something else to do with their fingers, other than biting off their nails.

In an Off the wall attempt to get Michael Jackson to No.1 on the first anniversary of his death, a mass purchase of 'We've had enough' begins today. Having shamelessly stolen the idea from the facebook campaign to get Rage Against the Machine to Xmas No.1 in 2009, the creators have gathered fans in their thousands, who have pledged to download the track on the day Murray returns to court.

'We've had enough' is available on the Ultimate Collection (2004) but was never released as a single in its own right, despite being a favourite amongst fans.
So fans are taking matters into their own hands and have orchestrated a synchronised download from Itunes and Amazon, that begins today.

It sounds Dangerous, but if successful, this could be Michael Jackson's first No.1 since 2001 (You rock my world)

Mid week download sales chart will give us an indicator of how close Michael Jackson's fans are to making HIStory or if there will be Blood on the dancefloor as the charts are revealed on Sunday 20th.

However you feel about Michael Jackson, you cant deny...his legacy is Invicible

Only one question remains:

Will this attempt to get Michael Jackson to No.1 on Download sales alone be a Thriller?

Or will it just be Bad?

The download has begun...

Download day is finally here!

Have you downloaded your copy of 'We've Had Enough' from itunes and amazon yet?

Sunday, 6 June 2010

8 days to go...instructions here

Download ‘WE’VE HAD ENOUGH’ by Michael Jackson week commencing 14th June 2010

Download a maximum of 3 x a day per download site. Anymore and your downloads will not count, so don’t waste your money.
We do not want to give SONY anymore money than necessary

Find your country here and search for ‘We’ve had Enough’ by Michael Jackson

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select ‘We’ve Had Enough’ as a SINGLE track. DO NOT download the whole album.

The links for each country can be found on this thread at MJFC

Many thanks to Lou for providing us with this vital information and links