Mass download commences on June 14th 2010

"There's nothing that can't be done If we raise our voice as one"

Meet the team

Louise (UK age 32)

My Role in the team

What motivated me to start this campaign

A lifelong Michael Jackson Fan.Michael was simply too good for this world.

I have watched the slow destruction of this angel by society since 1993. I have had enough.

Dance in Peace Michael

I never can say goodbye


Jenny (Leicester UK, age 33)

My role in the team
Running this blog and the twitter account

What motivated me to get involved
I want to do something for Michael Jackson as he did so much for us his fans. We've had enough is a beautiful, powerful, heartfelt song that deserves to be known. The lyrics have taken on a whole new meaning since his death. As soon as Lou announced the idea for the campaign on a fan forum I couldnt wait to get involved and do my bit. I don't claim to be any kind of expert on blogging or helping run a campaign but i'll do my best. I love the fact that this campaign is run by a group of fans, not PR types or Sony. Getting this song to no.1 on June 25th allows us fans to send a clear message to the wider world that 'we've had enough' of Media lies. If more people are aware of this song and think about the lyrics then thats a job well done in my book. Michael deserves his place at number 1 and it would be a fitting one year memorial to a truly remarkable human being.

Please contact me at if you want to help us out in any way.

Becky (Portsmouth UK, 21)

My role in the team
Contacting radio stations/Magazines/News programs

What motivated me to get involved
I love and miss Michael. I am sick of the media's misrepresentation and speculation about his life and family, I want it to stop now for the sake of Michael's children and his legacy. "We've Had Enough" is in my opinion Michael's most powerful protest song. Michael wanted an end to violence, war and corruption and so do I. This campaign is not only a wonderful tribute to Michael on the first anniversary of his death, it's also uniting Michael's thousands of fans, it's all for L.O.V.E.

Theresa (Cornwall, UK, age 44)

My Role in the team

I will be creating a profile for the campaign on myspace among other things

What motivated me to get involved
I really want this for Michael and for Louf

Cyrus (Texas USA, age 17)

My role in the team
Working on Internet articles to spread the word.

What motivated me to get involved
After witnessing the many wrongs committed against Michael Jackson in his life, and the many acts of violence ever-present in our world, I feel We've Had Enough as human beings.

When I tune into the local news, I see more sad stories where people are hurting or even killing each other compared to positive uplifting stories of honest people in our communities getting something done.

A change must be made.

Telling the world We've Had Enough by getting Michael Jackson's underrated track to the top spot by June 25th may be the tip of the iceberg to motivate the world to open our eyes to the madness and try to do something about it.

Hate is natural. Love is magical. Let's show the world magic before it's too late for all of us.

Kavitha (London, UK/Bangalore,India age 28)

My Role in the team
Creating the youtube video for the song and distributing the flyers where possible

What motivated me to get involved
There are several factors that motivated me to join this wonderful campaign.
MJ's songs always contain positive messages and he tried till the end to make the world a better place by sharing and spreading love. This song 'We've had enough' is one such song which never got the credit it deserves. It is an amazing song with powerful lyrics and emotions and is incredibly thought-provoking.

Anyone who has followed Michael Jackson's life and career will know that the media has always been biased against this great humanitarian. There was a media witch hunt to discredit him at every opportunity when he was alive and sadly it has been continuing even in his death. Michael is not here to stand up to them anymore. So its up to us fans to do whatever we can to bring justice to him, his beautiful children and his family.

We need to make that change! It should start from us and this is just the beginning.


Stevie (Squiffy) Aged 52

My Role In The Team
Organising campaign T.shirts & buttons, contacting media and distribution of flyers & posters.

What Motivated Me To Join This Campaign?
A need to do something positive to honour Michael and keep his message alive. This particular song, above all others, is what Michael was all about. This song, above all others, deserves to have the recognition received by songs such as Man In The Mirror and Earthsong. This is his true message and legacy. It starts with us.

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