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Monday, 12 April 2010

Flyering day in London

Images: Stevie handing out flyers and the back of my back sporting our T-shirt with the girls from the Positively Michael forum

On Saturday April 10, team mjmassdownload arrived at the Lyric Theatre to approach MJ fans coming in and out of the Thriller live show to promote our campaign.
In attendance were Kav (who created the youtube video), Stevie (who designed the badges and T-shirts), Audrey (who heard about what we were doing on the MJFC forum) and Jen (writer of this blog and twitter account). The Gods were indeed smiling on us as the sun was streaming down. None of us had ever approached complete strangers to explain a campaign so we were unsure of the reaction we were going to get. Fans entering the daytime performance seemed very interested - and some even took a badge and requested a T-shirt! We were also pleased when the staff working at Thriller Live took and interest and even took some flyers to handout inside!

After a break we resumed campaigning as fans began to gather for the evening show. Again, we were pleased when people showed an interest and requested a badge. Of course some werent interested at all but noone was rude to us.
We noticed a fantastic group of girls approaching all dressed up in MJ gear - including glittery socks, fedora and aviator shades. We were estatic to discover the girls were from the Positively Michael forum and knew about our campaign!
it was then time for me and Stevie to watch the show (which is fantastic by the way!). After the show we shot straight outside to catch the crowd coming out. Generally the response was a little more apathetic - however we were well aware that people probably wanted to shoot off home at that point.
All in all our flyering day was a great success and we aim to do another one before June 14th. It was great to promote such a wonderful song to many people who had never heard of it, let alone heard it! Hopefully they will have a listen and realise what an amazing song it is.

If there are any events we should know about that will attract MJ fans or you would like to get involved with the campaign, please do not hesistate to leave a comment or contact us as

Its all for L.O.V.E

Thank you, Jen


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome day. Once we've saved enough money, we'll deffo be doing it again! Squiffy xx

Kavitha said...

I had an awesome time at the flyering. It was new to me but the response was so positive that we will definitely do it again.

Kavitha xx