Mass download commences on June 14th 2010

"There's nothing that can't be done If we raise our voice as one"

Thursday, 25 March 2010

9 Months

Today marks the 9 month anniversary of Michael Jacksons death. For us fans the grief, pain and shock is still a constant feature of our daily lives.

Each day brings more lurid details about his death, circulated mainly by the tabloid press in a ploy to make a cheap buck.

Is it too much to ask for digity and justice to be served?

Increasingly us, his fans, raise our voices as one, through forums, social networking sites and open letters to the tabloid press.

Here at TEAM @MJMASSDOWNLOAD we are busy preparing to unite the MJ fan family through Michaels music.

Through downloading We've Had Enough on June 14th we will be sending a message around the world - we, the fans, have had enough! We want dignity and respect for Michael Jackson. The song is a plea for justice. The words are ever more poignant for fans since Michael's untimely death.

Badges, T-shirts and flyers are now ready. We are already spreading the word through digital media, now its time to take the message to fellow fans face to face.

April 10th is flyering day - Lou, Squiffy, Kavitha and I (Jenny) will be in London handing out flyers and badges to fellow fans. We will be outside the lyric theatre from 3.30 till late.

You can help us by emailing and printing flyers and handing them out in your local area. Please contact us at if you would like badges or the flyer in any other format.

Thank you for your continuing support, love Jen


michaelmania said...

im depressed its been 9 months i cant believe it i want him back.

michaelmania said...

The pain of his loss is immense and excruciating. My heart and soul have gone with Michael.