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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lou's story Part One

Everyone will always remember where they were when they heard the news that Michael Jackson was dead.

I was in my kitchen. It was June 26th.

On June 25th I had been tearing around from meeting to meeting, then racing to collect my daughter from the childminder, tearing home and doing all the things that Mothers do. Making Tea, getting the bath ready, story time, bedtime. I think I crashed out on the sofa about 9pm. I hadn’t seen any news. None at all.

I received a text message from my sister. I rarely get text messages from my sister, and it did strike me as odd. The message simply said “Are you okay?”

I replied “Yes thank. Are you?”

I hadn’t heard. I didn’t know.

On June 26th I was checking my emails before leaving for work. One quick check of facebook. A friend’s status update said “R.I.P Michael Jackson”

My brain could not process the words on the screen. I scanned down the page.
“R.I.P Michael Jackson” “Farewell King of Pop” “Is the circus finally over?” “Is it true?” “R.I.P Michael Jackson” “Gone too soon”

My heart was racing

Frantically my fingers typed the address for BBC News. And there it was.

Michael Jackson was dead.

Michael Jackson. Was dead.

I froze. I turned to my husband.

“Michael Jackson is dead”

He looked at me. We looked at each other.

“Oh” he said.

At that moment I felt a piece of my heart die. I felt it leave me. I knew where it was going. To Michael – where it belonged.

Written by Louise (The Campaign Creator)


We've Had Enough said...

Thanks for sharing this Lou - it is written straight from the heart and brings back memories of that fateful day

squiffy said...

I find it hard to think about how other people felt when they heard the news. Not because I'm uncaring, on the contrary. What I felt was such heart-crushing devastation that I can't bear the thought that anyone else had experienced the same. The absolute worst day of my life. Hugs to you Lou. xx

Anonymous said...

To think millions of different people from all around the planet with different backgrounds and situations in life felt the same pain, sadness, surrealness on that and the following day.. it's heartbreaking. As devastating it is to go back to June 25 and remember everything, the feelings and my own story of how I heard about it, (which I - like you said Lou - will never forget) I like to read other's stories.. after all it brings us together. We know how the other is feeling, cause we felt the same way. We are one global family. Hugs to y'all.

michaelmania said...

Louf this isso touching. I was watching tv when all of a sudden i read on my laptop as a breaking news flash that MJ has doed. I was shocked beyond words i was grief-stricken and im still and i will always be in denial. The pain of his loss is unbearable.