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Friday, 5 March 2010

Why the song 'We've Had Enough' matters

I don't tend to feel much, not really. I mean, I have emotions; the good ones and the bad ones. I get angry, frustrated, happy, tearful... etc etc. But I don't FEEL, physically, right down in my soul. Or at least, I hadn't before.

That all changed when I heard We've Had Enough for the first time. I first heard in on YouTube when I was doing my usual MJ searches. As the song (and the video) started I watched with horror at the images before me. I listened to the lyrics, I mean REALLY listened (because I have to do that with his songs). As I rode the waves of emotion coming from the first two verses my stomach was in knots. As the build-up to the chorus grew, I had a sense of what I can only decribe as anticipation; "oh god, what's coming up?". Then that chorus hits you right in the heart. I felt goosebumps run down my back and arms. The physical reaction was something I've never experienced with a song before. I felt as though I'd been touched by something unearthly, almost spiritual.

I found it difficult to understand how such a powerful song had not been released. I have said many times that this song is everything that Michael stood for; his anguish, his desire for wars to end, his passion for righting the wrongs in our society, his heartbreak at the injustice and pain that the worlds' children have to suffer.

Maybe it wasn't the right time to release this wonderful song back then. Maybe the right time is now, when more people are likely to hear it, and actually LISTEN.


Squiffy xxx


Eternal_MJ said...

Thank you Squiffy for your very insightful words. I also find that Michael has the ability to totally captivate an audience. He doesnt just sing he imparts something of his spirit and energy into his creations. This song is no exception. I am in awe of Michael. He is indeed a treasure who will live in our hearts eternally. :-)

cookie said...

I feel these goosebumps everytime I listen to this beautiful song!
And I totally agree with you, Eternal_MJ!