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"There's nothing that can't be done If we raise our voice as one"

Monday, 8 March 2010

The power of email

Dear fellow MJ fans, with your help we are planning to raise further awareness of our campaign through an email which contains the flyer, youtube video, web links and this message written by Lou (the campaign creator)

Did the death of Michael Jackson affect you more than you could ever have predicted?

You are not alone.

On June 25th 2010, the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, we would like to see Michael Jackson at No.1 chart position around the globe, with his previously unreleased track:

"We’ve had enough"

The message in this powerful track: No more war. No more violence. No more corruption.

If you, like so many across the world, felt a pang of regret when you heard the news that Michael Jackson had died – and contemplated everything that life had put him through, then help us now.

If you are Fan of World Peace. If you are a Fan of Planet Earth. If you are a Fan of Humanity.

Tell the world. We have had enough.

email us at and we will send you the email to forward onto your friends and fellow fans.

Thank you for your support. Its all for L.O.V.E

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